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  Drawing comics was no longer satisfying. I sat by the road that lead to the high school every morning desperately seeking the girl with blue eyes that I'd seen pass on her way to class. I saw her there, always surrounded by friends and admirers. I observed her from behind parked cars or other obstacles that hid my dirty work clothes. I had no friends at the high school. All my friends were like me; delinquents, vandals I knew that a boy who drew well went to that school. One day my boss asked me, "What are you doing here, Nezir? Your spirit is elsewhere. You should go back to school, whatever it takes". But I knew my father and I could already hear the resounding, categorical "No!".      

the blue-eyed girl

Even at the worst moments of my existence, I never stopped drawing. In the workshop, thousands of pieces of wood passed through my hands before becoming doors, windows or armoires. I drew everywhere in the name of the blue-eyed girl.  

But the idea of returning to school became an obsession!!!


One day I collected all my drawings in an immense binder and went knocking at the high school director's office. He was a little skeptical, but let me plead my case. I spoke of my family, my work and I showed him my drawings, sketches, cartoons and I begged him to accept me as a student. He smiled, saying, "But you're a minor, how can I authorize your presence here without the ascent of your legal guardians? I have no right to do so".
I already knew that, but I persisted and an hour later, he was convinced of my desire to learn and offered to take the responsibility of my enrollment in the establishment.