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  I will forever be grateful to this man of spirit, Mr. Atil ERMAN, for having changed the course of my life in taking responsibility for my conduct in my first days in the establishment.
I was reborn. I didn't know where to begin. Just as in my first days of my aborted primary education, I found myself alone in the world! A month later, my parents still didn't know that I was in school. When they found out it was already too late. Mr. Erman told my father to allow me to attend classes without the usual protestations, that I had talent and would succeed. These remarks sharpened my father's already deep fear of "the administration" and he dared not protest. I promised him that I would continue my work while attending classes and this concession helped everything return to normal.

One of the advantages of attending school, was the possibility of approaching the girl with
the blue eyes.

    She didn't exactly fall into my arms. I sensed the siege would be long and arduous. The boy who, until then, was considered the school's best draftsman was soon forgotten. My drawings could be found in every classroom, on every door and in every corridor of the school building. The administration requested a mural for the school's reception area, they provided materials and offered to exempt me from class until the job was done. It took a month. All the professors in the school wanted to pose for the composition, even the director. I enjoyed exceptional privileges.

with my professors