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Our Mountains
     Once, two friends and I climbed the slopes of mount Nemrut and, descending into the crater, we got separated. Try as I may, I couldn't find my companions. I found myself alone and irremediably lost. I met a few nomads, "Kocers" a few nomads,
kocerler who lived on the lake inside the crater.
Thanks to my father having known many Köçers, I spoke their language and was able to communicate.
It was a fantastic discovery.
    I spent three days at their camp that seemed like a world so removed from mine that it could have been another planet. On my return home, thrilled with this unique experience and totally exhausted, I found that I'd been given up for dead. The reaction of family and friends was most surprising. I had the strange and discomforting sentiment that I inconvenienced them with my sudden and miraculous reappearance. My two cohorts had returned home safely the day of departure and had buried my clothes along with other personal belongings under a bridge en route to Tatvan. Needless to say I never spoke to them again.
Nezir / Hirit
(with sheperd)
 Around the age of 15, I began to see my friends in a different light. I got rid of the hundreds of comic books I'd collected over the years (Texas; Tommix, Tine-Tine ex…) all my imaginary heroes no longer gave me the same thrill. For the first time, I regarded high school students with admiration and a touch of jealousy.

In the carpentry workshop not far from thehihg school I often climbed to the top of the woodpile to better view the school courtyard.I looked for always the girl to the bleu eyes. My passions and preferences slowly changed.Without knowing it I underwent a deep metamorphosis.