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     We met every evening after classes at her secretarial school (Schubert Ring No : 8) from then on as the "Down and Out" business proceeded smoothly. I was confident that the people involved on my side of the deal were above reproach. They promised that all would go as previously set out, with the reimbursement of my 65,000 Shilling lease rights and the release of S.'s family from all financial commitment at the signing of the new lease. The final meeting for the signature had been set (At 4/5/1982 to 14.30 with Hausvervaltung Realitat, Strasse Lerchenfelder 66-68 1070 Vienna) and I was becoming very anxious to close this chapter of my life.
    That morning, S. was acting strangely and I began to wonder if the hold that her father had on her was stronger than I suspected. She told me not to come to the signing as it might be dangerous. We had set a meeting in front of her school
at 7:00pm so that she could brief me as to how things went at the signing.

     After all, I had no real choice in the matter.I still was a little uneasy about S. so I waited across the street from the realtor's office during the signing just to see if things looked on the level. When everyone, the pair taking over the lease and S. left the office, they shook hands with each other and the realtor in the most normal way. I felt reassured and couldn't wait to hear the "thank you" that she would offer me for saving her family from financial ruin.
   I was at the school at 7pm and waiting for her to arrive, I took a walk up the street to the tram stop just to kill a little time. There were a good many people on the platform as I walked up and the north-bound tram arrived.