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   At our meeting the next day, she told me how the police had come to her home just after the car chase and proposed their "protection". We had met in a parking lot near the Viennese parliament building. I'd driven there in my car. "Aren't you taking a few too many risks coming here in your car, Nezir? The whole police force of Vienna is looking for you at this very minute. Leading the police on a wild goose chase through the streets of the capital city of Austria doesn't do much for national pride, you know! How far do you think you can go?". I told her that I'd keep going until the whole mess that she had got started was resolved for the best. That remark sent her off on a tantrum that brought doubts on my fidelity and respect for her. She said she loved me and couldn't live without me. She accused me of going out with a waitress at the gasthaus. She wanted to verify her suspicions by flitting through my notebooks, a thing I couldn't allow. In a fit of anger she told me that she was leaving me for good and that she'd probably denounce me to the police that very night. She ran off, I ran after her. We shouted at each other the way only lovers do. It was surprising we weren't arrested. Finally, after a few rounds of shouting and running off only to return two minutes later, she came back, gathered up the notebooks that she'd scattered all over the sidewalk and apologized for threatening me. We spent the rest of the night patching things up in a dark, romantic corner of the park...