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On April 20th, 1982 I barely escaped arrest. The previous day, the notorious terrorist, "Carlos", had planted bombs in the French consulate and at the headquarters of Air France. The police were on maximum alert ! As I drove my car through the a traffic jam in the Pilmram gasse a passenger in the car next to me made a signal to roll down my window. Thinking it was a tourist asking for directions, I gladly obliged. "Police!" he told me and ordered me to park my car at the curb at the other side of the intersection. I was in a state of shock. If I pulled over, my stay in Austria would come to another very inauspicious end. I decided to take the hero's way out. I rolled up my window, put on my sunglasses and proceeded to the curb that policemen had indicated from his car. At the last second, I floored the accelerator and got a good head start on the police car. It didn't last. He was hot on my tail and we were soon doing 120-130 kph in downtown Vienna with pedestrians on all sides running for their lives! I made the light at the Schvarzenberg Platz and the cars in the opposing direction had already got the green when he came up to the intersection and had to stop with a tremendous screeching of rubber. I'd lost him! I turned right and took the little streets on the other side of the plaza and parked my car. I was never so glad to step out of an automobile. I figured it was time I shaved off my beard.

   I didn't go to see S. right away. I wanted to call first to see if there was any news. The message she'd left with the young wiatress at the gasthaus didn't sound good. There were apparently "very serious" developments that prevented her from coming to see me. She told me to stay wherever I was and to wait for her at a meeting place we set for the next day.