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  Had I had the money for the trip to Turkey, I wouldn't have stayed as long as I did. I spent much of my time writing poetry and articles in my notebooks. On the 11th of April, 1982 I wrote "The Medusa Kingdom" poety-turkich while waiting for S. in the Schvarzenberg Café. A few friends had gotten together and written an account of my arrest and expulsion from the country and the story was published in local newspapers in both German (Kurier)_ ( Krunen Zaitung) and Turkish (Tercuman) on the 14th of April. The story was even the subject of several radio news reports. I was, as a result of my apparent association with illegal immigrants, designated as a sort of leader of a network for illegal immigration into Western Europe! Things became difficult almost overnight. My friends suggested, and rightly so, that I should make myself as scarce as possible. I spent a lot more time in my little room writing poetry. When I had to go out, I had the feeling that every pair of blue eyes concealed a policeman and each Autrichien that went out of at his home had for mission to look for me and to denounce me to the police.

Krunen zeitung
S. was the first to tell me that I was in danger: "Don't go out. They're looking for you everywhere!".
 The acquaintance who had my paintings in his café and had bought the better part of the goods that I'd sold suddenly wanted nothing to do with me. He told me to clear my paintings out and took advantage of my weakened situation to renege on more than half of what he owed on the material that he had not yet paid in full. He even threatened to denounce me to the Turks who'd put a 10,000 Shilling bounty on my head.