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    My presence in Vienna didn't stay a secret to S. and her father for very long. The moment they saw that my belongings were missing from the club, they feared for their lives. S. no longer dared go out in the street. Her father could no longer exploit or rent the local that he had stolen from me because of the rumors that circulate about the crazy Turk who was back and was spoiling for a fight. They couldn't pay the rent any longer and wanted to get rid of the club at all cost. L. got wind of this state of affairs and proposed that we take the place off her hands in return for the cash stolen and title to the club. They were happy to oblige after having bitten off a lot more than they could chew. Daddy was not a businessman. The only trouble was that S. was still very frightened of me and didn't want to talk. L. convinced her, after a long telephone conversation, that I could have avenged myself any time since my return and hadn't. Later, I too let her know that I wasn't interested in getting even, I just wanted what was mine. She agreed and asked forgiveness yet again and promised to be at the meeting point in twenty minutes to Graben..
    When I arrived she was already there! Everything was new; glasses, hairstyle, hair color and she'd aged ten years! Over coffee we were talking like old friends in no time. I didn't mention her betrayal, but my silence on the subject was eloquent. She understood that all was forgiven and I left her a telephone number of a "Gasthaus" near where I lived were she could leave a message. I didn't live there. Even though she kissed me on the lips as we parted, our new-found confidence in one another was a little reminiscent of a recent reconciliation that had turned sour.
Three potential lease takers presented themselves to her father early the following week. They had all come on my behalf. Things went as planned, the local was back in my hands and things would start up soon just as before.On this everyone bottom was in agreement. Well on his father knew not of nothing. S., in her free time, would continue secretarial courses at the Schvarzenberg Platz.
She waited for me every evening after classes and we often went back to my apartment together.