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   We received a warm welcome in Italy from Franco and his wife. They had spared no labor in making preparations for our arrival in their small home situated in a charming village near Trevise. Franco went to work immediately looking for a gallery that would exhibit my work in the larger cities of the province. We went gallery hunting several times in Venice, Verona and Padua. On the way, I was able to study first hand the works of Giotto, Donatello and Titian. I feel in love with Italy and Italians.
   About two months later, my wife became restless and decided it was time to move on to Germany were numerous relatives had emigrated to Gladbeck, not far from Cologne and Essen. She had become very frail emotionally, she was six-months pregnant, I did not oppose her desires.

   We left by train early one rainy morning and arrived late in the afternoon and were met by her family. Three weeks into an uneventful stay, Sevim felt bad and had to be taken to the emergency room of the Santa Barbara hospital. The doctors found that she suffered from a heart problem. She urgently needed a Pacemaker. The cardiac stimulator was absolutely imperative to her being able to give birth to our child. It cost a fortune and we had neither the medical insurance to cover the costs nor the visas to remain in the country for long enough to have the devise implanted. In the end, all that was left to do was to pray. On the 31st of March, 1979 at 11:45 p.m. our daughter, Dilek KORKMAZ , was born healthy and happy. The mother came through labor just fine even without the Pacemaker, although both mother and child had to spend a month in the hospital. I made many acquaintances amongst the Turkish artists of the region where I drew constantly. (Gallery II) I attended the Düsseldorf Fine Arts Academy. Professors I met advised me to go to Vienna and meet professor Rudolf Hausner. At the Galerie an der Dussel, I was able to see a few of this Viennese artist's work.