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     Our welcome began to wear a little thin with Sevim's family in Gladbeck. Sevim's uncle happened on a photo of Sevim and myself with his two young daughters during one of their visits to Istanbul. He felt that the immorality of our posing all together in swim suits at the beach was sufficient motivation for withdrawing his financial guarantee on our behalf with the local police. The authorities have us 24 hours to leave the country. It was only thanks to a painter friend, who guaranteed our financial solvency, that we were permitted to stay a few days longer. I went to bring my wife and child back to the apartment from the hospital only to find our baggage packed and set in front of the door. We didn't have five marks in our pockets. So, with a child barely a month old and my wife barely able to walk, we set out on foot with our luggage and my paintings as my in-laws watched impassively from the kitchen window.
  We stayed for a total of about ten days at my artist friend's house in Gladbeck. During this brief period, I was able to make a quick trip to Vienna to see professor Hausner. I was enchanted by Vienna. At the Fine Arts Academy, just around the corner from the mythic Vienna Opera house, Professor Hausner's studio was empty except for a studio assistant and an assistant professor. Although I didn't speak a work of German, I managed to convey, through the use of a pocket dictionary, the fact that I wanted to show my work to the professor.