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  For my brother, Halis, and his wife, this incident was not nearly as serious as for the vast majority of those who found themselves suddenly homeless. He came to stay with me and the rest of the family in the three small rooms that I had rented next to the mosque. Ten people shared two rooms with the third set aside as my studio. This little studio saw the birth of many a painting, among them "Nu-11" and "N-12 / The Return of Jesus". I worked on these two paintings fifteen hours a day for 7 months. When they paintings were nearly completed, my eyes were so weak, I thought that I was going blind. Sevim noted my ideas in my notebooks for some time and posed for "Nu-11". In this painting, I first applied technological elements on the body and on the surrounding vegetation. "N-12" represents the coming of Jesus into our age and its apocalyptic change. Happily, the angels are there and can lift him back to the protection of heaven in the nick of time…

My studio at Bagcilar, Caldiran street.
J' In 1977, I painted a 16-sq.-meter decorative panel for the Olcay hotel at Topkapi. The job took three months and during that time, I got to know an Italian couple vacationing at the hotel, Franco and his wife, Maria Grazia. We became close friends and they proposed that I come to Italy with them. Imagine my bewilderment. The idea of traveling in a foreign country fascinated and enticed me, but I spoke no foreign languages and I hadn't done my military service and therefore could not legally leave the country. My Italian friends prolonged their stay long enough to visit Izmir and Ephèse. We spent a marvelous week together.
At the fine arts academy, I made the acquaintance of Professor Devrim ERBIL.
We insisted on seeing my new paintings, "Nu-11" and "N-12".