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The stakes get higher and higher as the big get ever bigger. The individual finds himself reduced to the level of a "icon" among 6 billion already existing. His value as an individual shrinks to nothing. Although each person, nonetheless, possesses an individual and inviolable "intellectual property"that contains his own unique riches and particularities which are the gift of nature.
The travelers(4) Tatvan
(Oktobre1972-Avril 1973)
     I called my new painting "The Travelers". The subjects of the painting are travelers through the universe, time travelers. The painting contains six people in a room seen through a most particular triangular perspective, balanced in terms of the group detached from the composition and within the totality of the picture itself. A worker, a rich man, a slave, a father, a child and a suitcase are depicted, with a young intellectual in the foreground. They do not look at one another. The child represents continuity and, in this same continuity, the four seasons are represented in several different ways. The play of mirrors gives the painting its vanishing point and establishes the most distant angle and the apex of the triangle. In the mirrors we perceive a second room in the imaginary space off the composition, positioned in front of the man in the foreground. It is the space which represents the unknown. It is no accident that the young intellectual is placed in front of this perilous space. He is afraid. He is included in a crowd that does not perceive him and cannot aid him in his confrontation with the unknown. The weight of discovery is on his shoulders. He is a man/machine, the machine that breathes. He is the man that must understand all things and his desire is to step back in fear and hesitation!
I finished "The Travelers" in April of 1973, after six months of intense effort.
I was barely 19
I was still in school and saddled with a great deal of homework in a house were there was still no electricity.