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I heard that there had been confrontations between the inhabitants of shanty towns (one in which my brother and his wife, Kevser and Sultan my old friends from the village and others lived) and the police of the municipality of Bakirkoy. I set off immediately to see for my own eyes, and what I saw that 15th of November, 1975 I will never forget! Municipal workers and police were still there finishing the job when I arrived on the scene. Every single shanty had been flattened by bulldozers, their occupants, men, women and children had been turned out in the middle of winter. People were everywhere shouting, desperate. Everyone cried, everyone screamed, the small children turned around their mother or on the dé bris of their houses, in tears and without nothing to understand.Those who tried to salvage belongings or protect what was left of their miserable homes were beaten like dogs.

The next day, the incident was in the headlines of all the newspapers. But no one had an answer to the really tragic question : what was to become of all these homeless people?
Kevser with her baby shows a picture of
her husband in uniform. Next to her stand Sultan and his daughter-in-law.

Sultan weeping…