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     My adventure had started on a bit of a false note, but something about the town told me to stay. It was too late to return to Tatvan. I was supposed to be in school since the beginning of the month. I went to see the mayor. I explained that I was not a terrorist and showed him the newspaper clippings that recounted my exhibitions and my artistic evolution. The local regional administrator, a sort of governor (Kaymakam), listened and became convinced of my sincerity. He then wrote a letter to the director and sent me back to the high school with the letter in my pocket.

When I entered his office, the director was about to fly into a rage, but when he saw the mayor's official seal on the letter I put on his desk, his comportment changed suddenly. The governor had pledged to be my new legal guardian. Thus, I began the school year in a new town.
   I learned a lot in this town, but I was far from my family and my beloved Tatvan. The girl with the blue eyes was still in my heart and I dreamt of her in the little room that I had found by the tracks and where I shared my humble meals with a dozen stray cats.

   Two months later, I met Irfan Kodal, a classmate who also loved to draw, and was to become a great friend. He told me later that I had such a hard time making friends because the other students thought me strange and mysterious. Some even thought I was an agent ?..