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      Two major events marked my stay in Konya. The first was the encounter with my first romantic interest, the professor of psychology, recently transferred form Ankara and home-room teacher for our class.She was beautiful and mysterious.Our eyes never met unitl the day she proposed that all the students in class write a short autobiography and attach a photo so that we could pass them around and get better acquainted. I spent three days writing the story of my life and I drew a small self-portrait in place of the photo.
      When we turned the papers in to the professor, she called out the names on the autobiographies and when she came to mine, she approached and murmured, "So, you are Nezir Korkmaz". She asked me to come and see her in the faculty lounge that afternoon and we made a habit of meeting there. This most illicit relationship lasted for my entire stay in the town. It only came to an end when I eventually left for Tatvan.     
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