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     Blue, I saw blue everywhere. But how put that on a little canvas? And where was the style that would allow me to do what I had in mind? Where to begin? The more I worked and progressed, the more the goal seemed to flee into the mists. I became progressively blind to the beautiful things of the world, aware only of my multiple preoccupations with poverty and unrequited love. My life became unbearable solitude. I decided it was time to leave, seek new adventures, new inspirations...A less painful life... Discover l'inknown and maybe a new style?..
     On returning from my exhibition in Ankara, I prepared what little baggage I had and took a train to anywhere from the Tatvan station. Coursing through Anatolia, the train pulled into the picturesque town of Konya Ereglisi where old women sold fruits and vegetables to passengers through the train window. There were apple vendors everywhere. The place had a strong attraction and I alit from the train, took a "payton" (the Turkish equivalent of a rickshaw) and told the driver to take me to the cheapest hotel in town. The first two days, I did nothing but walk around the town.

(Konya Ereglisi)
  On the third day, I decided to take things in hand and try to get into a school. At that time, acts of political violence where an everyday occurrence in Turkey and suspicion was rampant. I knew the school year had begun ten days ago, but when I knocked at the door of the director of the local academy I could not have expected what awaited me. The director asked me who my parents were and where I lived. I told him that I had no parents and that I lived in the cheapest hotel in town. His reaction was immediate, he rose from his chair screaming at me to leave his office. He pushed me with all his might towards the door and slamming it behind me. It was as if someone had hit me in the face.