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Vienne P.G.H.


I bought a little radiÓ and, despite three body (undress completely nude, Once one me donna a fist blow on my nose, Because I had to hide a briquet.) searches and thanks to the secret compartment in my shoe, I could still buy cigarettes. I had my notebooks and plenty of time…life was beautiful. I learned more in that prison cell than I would ever have learned in the most prestigious fine arts academy on Earth. This third time, I stayed in prison for a total of 50 days. I would gladly have stayed three times that

          I was confronted with S. twice during this period, for I had found out that I was in preventive detention for a hit and run traffic accident involving S. and my car. It seems she injured a passenger and tried to put the blame on me. Her witness, Gunther, was in fact an old friend o f mine and he came to my rescue at the last hearing, giving the facts of the story and an objective point of view on S.'s vengeful character. All that remained to be done was for the poor girl to cover herself in ridicule trying to refute Gunther's testimony in front of an increasingly hostile panel of judges. poety-turkich That afternoon I was released. I never thought that I wouldn't be happy to be on the outside. Prison had become my "Academy" and I felt exposed and vulnerable and abandoned on those busy streets!