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    I thank that little stranger from the bottom of my heart!
   A few meters from the police wagon, S. awaited her tram as if nothing had happened, as if the police had made a routine arrest of an illegal immigrant, an affair that couldn't concern her in the least. Her father, on the contrary, practically chased the wagon in which I sat chained, screaming and shouting like a madman until we gained speed and were lost in traffic.
    J.F. and S.F.  I will never forget you!     
    I spent two months in prison. This time I had a little company. I got used to my new home and new friends in a hurry. I got to know them all well, young men down on their luck or victims of destiny. I remember three in particular; Jimmy El Jaffari, Necdet A. and Robert O.                                                           
  No one knew where Jimmy came from and he would tell no one. He hadn't a shred of identification on him. He'd been at the prison depot for nine months. The police would hold him for a regulation three months and then let him go. As soon as he as caught in a police check, he was sent back for another three month term. This was his third. Necdet A. was a Turk who had been arrested in relation to activities in a far-left Turkish group in Vienna. He was glad to be going home, a certainty after this stay in jail. He wanted to give up political activism and start a family back in Istanbul.   

(Robert O).
…Robert O. was a young student from equatorial Africa who was in his third year at the University of Vienna. For not having a valid 12-shilling ticket during a police check in the Metro and, I suspect, for being very black in color, he had been locked up for over two weeks when I met him. My paintings obsessed me day and night during this stretch in jail. Half of them I had confided to the care of an illegal like myself who lived at a friend's house, the other half was still in my car, wherever that was! Robert was to be released in a couple of days and he offered to find all the paintings he could and keep them at his apartment until I got out.

(JimmyEl Jaffari)