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With Prof. R. Hausner
Vienna _1981
   Professor Hausner enrolled me in the prestigious Goethe Institute for an intensive 3-month course in German entirely at his expense. After the three months had passed, he summoned me to his office to test my proficiency. Judging that I didn't speak well enough, he sent me back for another 3 months. I gave my all. At the end of this second period, he found my proficiency up to level and told me to meet him at his home the next day.
     The next morning, I took the train for Modling, 15 kilometers south of Vienna. Crossing the town on foot, I passed in front of Beethoven's house. Later, I learned that Brahms, Wagner and Egune Schiller had lived here. Professor Hausner's home was in the upper town at the foot of a hill. A dream house with a Mercedes 600, a Ferrari and a dark gray Rolls Royce "Phantom" parked out front! I was impressed by all this wealth. I rang at the intercom and walked up to meet the professor. He took me to his studio, 5O meters farther and higher than his house, surrounded by trees, next to the pool. It was a modern fortress, a digest of glass and black marble with a breathtaking view of the distant hills.

    Sitting face to face, he revealed his plan. From this moment on, I would work for him at his home. He had need of my skills. This meant his "money" in exchange for my "know-how". I was surprised by his proposal, as he'd never before spoken of his ambitions. I asked in a low voice, " What will become of me as a painter if I work only for you?" He then promised to organize two exhibitions for me, in Hamburg in 1981 and in Vienna in 1982 (!) (or maybe same bodies?). Later, I could decide to work half the time for him and half the time for myself. (!) As concerned my student status, he was very clear, " As long as you work for me, you will be considered a student and will retain all rights concerning the Fine Arts Academy"... (?) I accepted. At any rate, I hadn't much choice!