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   I was wild with joy! It all seemed too beautiful to be true. But now I had to find an apartment. How? I thought of the large Turkish community in Vienna, centered around the western train station. I went there and found a young Turk who wanted to rent the apartment of a friend who had recently been expelled from the country. I jumped at the chance. After a few days of portrait drawing on the Kartner Strasse, I got enough money together to pay for the first month's rent.(52/1/25 Hainburger Strasse1030 WIEN) I then set out for Germany to bring my family to yet another new home.

    The day of the examination three themes were to be treated in three days of testing. At least one drawing was required per theme. Professors walked up and down the studio noting the work they felt to be the best. By the end of the second day, I had made more than thirty drawings. I felt that the exam was in the bag.
    A few days later, when results were posted, I found myself at the top of the list of those accepted into the Academy. In professor Hausner's studio, I had a room about 8 meters square to work in. I hung my paintings on the wall and started to work. The professor came to the academy only twice a month and then for only a few hours. Hausner took me to the Kunst Historiche Museum to show me the works of Albrecht Dürer. I loved this museum and usually went three times a week and would stay in the study hall to draw from models in plaster. I learned a lot of new techniques, materials and their application.