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   At this period, I wrote about death almost everyday. I dragged my body like a hollow shell all over Istanbul, an empty boat on a wide ocean. I had no way of knowing where my works were and even if I knew, how could I possibly bring them home? I was reduced to nothing, only a few pictures on the walls of the apartment of my in-laws attested to my years as an artist.
    My family and friends lived in misery and I was incapable of doing the least little bit to help them or myself.
    I had been born in a field in the springtime and had learned to draw, to write and to live alone in the most natural way. In big cities of this modern world, people no longer communicate through natural channels, but rather through social structures and categories. Materialism makes us forget the laws of life. In the big city I learned the superiority of certain races compared to others, an unequal justice system, systemization of interests even into the world of creation and culture. Making a choice between the real and the dream, between living and creating seemed far more problematic and filled with nuance. A life without creation was not in the least seductive. Unfortunately, like the ocean, society casts out that which is not its own. I am not a pessimist, I do not interpret things in their order of arrival but by their innate sense. In my eyes, events, even the most negative events, are not the manifestation of inescapable fatality. Is man still the master of his environment and his destiny? Does man have the means and alternatives at his disposal for resolving an infinite number of problems?
     Suffering has always been a part of my life. The greater my suffering, the more powerfully I am motivated to find a way to overcome it. Poetry-in turk  
Since the very first day I knew who I was, suffering has served as a constructive force, indispensable to the nature of man.
I never desired to empty my life entirely of suffering, because it is a tie that binds men together. It is for this reason I prefer wild mountain streams to calm, wide rivers.