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...Down and Out !..
   The next day, the nightmare began earlier than expected. I had no news from S. in the morning and thinking that her father had done all his dirty work, I went to the club in the early afternoon to salvage my paintings before everything was under the new owner's control. The instant I unlocked the door, I realized that her father had been laying in wait since early morning; he and a burly friend fell on me, jerking the wad of keys from my hand and trampling me under their cheap brown shoes swearing and cursing the "Dirty Turk! So, you're Nezir! I'm S.'s father and we don't want to see you around here anymore.This place is ours and you're out for good". I managed to break loose and lose them in the crowds of the Franz Joseph train station a few hundred yards from the club.
 At my apartment, bailiffs had been notified and my possessions were seized and sold at auction. I was homeless and slept in my car for several weeks. After endless conversations with S.'s friends, with the intercession of  L., all of them scandalized by what had happened, I managed to meet S. again.
She said that she was still in love with me. Ten minutes after she walked into the room, she was once again her charming self. As concerned the club and my money, it was still the same story; "Be patient, things will fall into place…give me a little time to pull myself together". I couldn't tread too heavily here because I was at her mercy and whenever I insisted on one point or another, she became angry and I was afraid that she might drop the whole thing and disappear. We became intimate again, just as before and I started to get my belongings back in a piecemeal fashion and started to prepare for my definitive departure from Vienna. We set a time and place for a meeting the next day where she would bring the money that her father had taken from me and the paintings I had left in the storage room behind the bar at the club. In return, I was to leave them the contract on the club and the necessary licenses to do business and promised to leave Austria forever. After buying a few gifts for my daughter and my little niece Nihat, I was more than ready to leave Austria.