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After the usual paperwork was cleared, we got started fixing the place up for opening night. My young lawyer friend and I decided on a name that suited us to a "L": "Verainslokal - DOWN AND OUT - art, music, literature, theater live" our address was 18, Glasergasse, 1090 Vienna.
I chose to open the place on my birthday and only a few weeks later had a very large clientele. Young artists, intellectuals, musicians and students were our usual customers. To dress up our local, we entered into an agreement with a local brewery which allowed us the necessary funds, in exchange for advertising. They also offered to act as cosigners for a bank loan that allowed us to make further improvements. Our place was listed in the top ten spots for youngsters in Vienna. I took care of the better part of interior decoration and the walls were especially lit and furnished with hooks and rods to be able to exhibit my paintings. At the back of the room, a stage was built for musical presentations, theater, poetry readings and disc-jockeys.
A small room behind the bar served as a handy storage area for my paintings.
Everything went so well that we soon felt on the threshold of that much-longed-for financial independence and the end to administrative hassles and the conquest of the Viennese art scene.
Up until now, everything was moving in the right direction.