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(Adam, the unloved son)
    The professor was a megalomaniac. The most supremely arrogant person I think that I have ever met. All of his paintings were self portraits. He would do a silkscreen from a photo and then carefully work the photo with an complex technique.
    I decided that I would work differently in his studio before leaving for good. I had been employed as a "studio assistant". I was in fact much more than an assistant. I was a collaborator in the deepest sense of the word insofar as the greatest part of the detail in the venerable professor's famous paintings were painting with great care by a Turkish student.(Adam, the unloved son) On a large painting, I started to camouflage letters. Even while talking to the professor, I painted letters on the bricks depicted in the painting under his very eyes! A young sailor is being tested, playing billiards in front of a grand jury comprised of Jesus and the Apostles. The picture is inspired directly from da Vinci's "The Last Supper". The young man represents professor Hausner himself and Vienna is in the background, melting bizarrely into a sky of green and orange.
Adam, the unloved son215 x 260 cm
Nezir (At studio of Hausner -1982)
    Everything in the lower half of the painting is in close up; his young wife, extremely detailed, nude, fuses with the somber background. In this painting inspired by Leonardo, the young Hausner, his beautiful wife are surrounded by a mysterious wall, and the bricks in this wall contain an occult message. "This painting was made by Nezir Korkmaz", are the words of a litany that surround the couple and are obvious to those who look carefully at the detailed bulwark that rises behind the principle figures…