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I took odd jobs to survive. Musician, advertising, decorationů In a suburb at a nearby lake, I rented a modest apartment through the intermediary of an old high school friend. I met a lot of girls, including Sevim KAYA , my future wife.

 I painted a great number of pictures in this little apartment.
playing saz

My Mother and my systers
   On returning home one day, I found the door to the apartment forced open and my entire family, mother, father, my brother Murat and his wife and children inside.
   Times were hard in Tatvan and the family had come to Istanbul in the hope that we could work better together. I was delighted to see them, but the logistics of housing so many people was staggering, especially since this apartment, though small, was really too expensive for me. We had to move and did, into a place which though cheaper was nearly as big. It was near a mosque, a detail that made my father especially happy.

My family