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My Mother
     I'd like you to take a quick look of my life, at a few photographs from my family and the populations of my town (albums I & II). They will help you to get better acquainted with experiences which have greatly influenced my work. I was born into a culture were religious orthodoxy was the standard by which all things were measured in a society entirely opposed to change and innovation.My childhood world was far removed from technological progress, the modernity of the West and opposed in principle to academic learning. I had to rely entirely on my own resources in order to build, alone, my fantastic universe. At 17, I set down the framework of my life and at 19, as a young student, I found my style and defined my thesis of
in the "The Voyagers". My evolution is a mixture of contrastswhich is also my reason for being.
My Father Bisar KORKMAZ.


 I took these photos on returning to my native mountain village of Hirit ( * Çökekyazı), in the remote eastern reaches of Turkey, after a twenty-year absence. At my birth into a Kurdish family, on the 27th of February 1954, conditions in this region where identical to those found there today.
  The lack of infrastructure in the region requires each clan to see to its own justice.When I was very young, an unfortunate incident, precipitated by a banal episode of violence involving my young cousin, R. Korkmaz, constrained my family, who feared for their lives, to leave our little village for the village of Kelhok : ( * Bozköy), ten kilometers from Hirit. We resided there for seven years. These villages, which formed a triangle with a third,
Müşkünüs (* Düzköy), were the universe of my childhood.(ALBUM-I and ALBUM-II )
    (*) : new nom

me *(1954)
* (Photo repsésentatif)